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aLOTeasier, john curgenvenHello and welcome to my neck of the world wide woods. My name is John Curgenven, pronounced John.

I’m a Cornishman who has reached a point in life where it helps to find ways of making things a LOT easier.  I was quite surprised that this domain name was up for grabs in a world where I reckon I’m not the only one to have a lot to do, but not enough time to do it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my share of re-inventing the wheel, taking pride in working it out for myself, feeling pleased that I have put in a lot of effort. If I carry on in that way, I’ll never get it all done.

If this sounds a bit like you, even if you are not from Cornwall, then this site might be useful to you.  Click the buttons below to visit the sites I've included so far and please let me know if you know of any websites that could be added to the list. You can contact me at john @

Please note: I have a zero spam tolerance policy.

Be assured that I do not share your personal details with anyone else, nor will you ever receive unsolicited e-mails from me. I absolutely respect your privacy and will not, for any purpose, give your e-mail address to anyone.

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dictation, talk it type it, talk and type, digital dictation, voice recording, aloteasier "There is no doubt that dictation enables you to record your thoughts more quickly than you can type them - even if you are proficient with a keyboard."

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