Something you either love or hate.

Certainly for some people exercise becomes almost addictive and others would rather try to get blood out of a stone first!

However, exercising has a very important part to play in a healthy lifestyle and certainly helps when on a weight-loss programme. Here’s why -

Exercise Table

As you can see, it is much better to exercise when you lose weight because you lose more fat and less lean body mass. This has the added benefit of changing your actual body shape as well.

So the end result of your diet is -


Of course, diet or no diet, it has many benefits. It's always best to start with some stretching. It is a way of signalling to your body it is about to be used and gets the circulation going. In general, stretching increases your range of motion, improves coordination, reduces muscle tension and makes you feel more relaxed. It is also a good idea to do some stretching at the end of aerobic exercise which will help to keep you flexible and prevent soreness.

Aerobics can help prevent heart disease and also improves circulation of the blood, therefore allowing more oxygen to reach your internal organs. The filtering of toxic waste is improved and so your skin becomes brighter and clearer.

It also helps alleviate stress, anxiety and depression (which very much seems to be a modern-day problem) by boosting physical and psychological well-being. Generally helping us cope with our day-to-day lives.

Energy generates energy, making you feel more active, more relaxed and less tired.

Finally, going back to weight-loss again, exercise increases metabolism and therefore burns up those calories faster!

Do look at all options. So many people join a gym, only for it to be a seven-day wonder; therefore wasting a lot of money and by not going, adding the stress of guilt to their lives. A good brisk half-hour walk three or more times a week is fine and much cheaper!

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