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Which Weight Loss Program for me?

As you know there are various types of program for losing weight on the market, some of which you may have tried. Later on we shall take a look at them as it is vital to choose the right one in order to succeed.

Before deciding which one to start, it's best to ask yourself a few important questions first. You will probably find that some of the answers will help to motivate you through whichever weight loss program you choose.

To begin with -

What is it that has prompted you to consider losing weight?

Is it that you suddenly realised it is only a short while before you have to bare your body to the world, albeit in a bikini or bathing suit?!

Perhaps you caught sight of yourself unexpectedly in a mirror or you saw a not so flattering photograph and thought in horror "is that really what I look like?!"

Perhaps your clothes don't fit and you just can't bring yourself to buy the next size up

- and -

what about all those clothes already hanging up in the wardrobe!

Do you have low confidence and self-esteem?

There are of course many more reasons I haven't covered, but you can use your reason(s) to create short-term goals as motivational tools, whichever program for losing weight you choose.

For example -

- Hang up, in a visual place, a dress or bikini you want to wear.

- Pin up a flattering old photo or even a non-flattering one, whichever would motivate you more.

- Contemplate looking for a new job when you feel more confident.

- Buy that sexy underwear when you reach your goal !

Secondly, ask yourself -

What is the main reason that you gained weight originally?

Has it been a problem since childhood? If that is the case, you might consider one-to-one counselling (see the merits and disadvantages of this later on).

Sometimes it can be contentment e.g. getting married or living with a partner. When relaxing over meals, portions might become larger than before and nowadays couple often like to share a bottle of wine. All of these can cause a slow but steady increase in weight.

Regular business lunches and dinners of course can be disastrous if not watched very carefully.

Many times I hear, from women :-), that it is after having children they gain weight. If this relates to you, then you know the reasons are many.

Bad habits creep in. Oh that tempting leftover sausage or chip at the end of teatime!! Not to mention one of the children's fun bars, meant for their lunchbox, that sneaks onto your plate with a cup of tea!

Perhaps middle age has caught up with you and suddenly you can only remember the place your waist used to be, but you can't understand it, because you feel you're eating the same as always.

Again, whatever the reason or reasons, it will be very important to choose a program for losing weight that suits.

For instance, if you eat out a lot through business or socially, you will not be able to follow a menu type diet successfully, even if you feel you could - "sort of do it". After a few weeks it will become too much of an effort to adapt it.

Thirdly, if you have dieted before -

What have been your main difficulties staying on a diet?

Again, this could well be because you have not chosen a diet that is right for your particular problem areas or one that suits your lifestyle and temperament.

The main difficulty that I come across is that boredom sets in. Another reason is lack of self motivation or, sometimes, that the program was too time consuming.

These reasons all confirm that choosing the right program for losing weight is imperative if you are to succeed.

Investigate thoroughly, ALWAYS thinking long-term.

It's useful to have some long-term goals, as well as those short-term ones mentioned earlier. Perhaps a special birthday or wedding you want to look good for at the end of the year or a holiday etc.

A lot of times people tell me that being able to maintain their goal weight is their biggest goal.

Again, the correct diet for you is crucial for that goal. A diet that shows you how to eat correctly for life.

When you have answered these questions, you will see that many programs for losing weight are really not suited to you in the long-term and if started will probably falter after a few weeks, which of course is the last thing you want. That in itself can lower your self-esteem even more.

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