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"The most important thing about weight loss is being able to achieve it by eating normal food that you like."

My name is Sally Carrington and I am here to help you lose weight and keep it off. Having helped people for many years, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and ideas which I would like to share with you.

I was formerly a dancer in the Royal Ballet; following this, I set up my own fitness business and then trained in London as a weight loss counsellor.

Over the past couple of years, I have added lots of information to this website about losing weight - and not putting it back on again. I have received plenty of feedback and owe a big THANKYOU to all my visitors who have sent me messages about how the website has helped them.

Before going ahead, I must make a very important point.

If you are going to embark upon any type of programme to lose weight, it is important that you check with your Doctor first - just to make sure that your chosen programme is compatible with your overall health.

Having done this, it's a good idea to ask yourself a few key questions :-

1. What is my main reason for losing weight?

2. Why have I put on weight?

3. If I have already tried to lose weight, why did I find it difficult to succeed?

4. What am I trying to achieve in the long term?

The answers to these questions will enable you to take the all important first step in chosing the right weight loss programme for you and to succeed with it.

Right, let's get started :-

Losing Weight - The first step to chosing the right weight loss program for you.
Before selecting a program for losing weight, there are some important things you MUST consider first.

Weight Loss Programs - How to pick the right type for you.
There are various weight loss programs available. This will make it aLOTeasier for you to pick the right type.

Calorie Counter - Do you really want to count calories?
Being a Calorie Counter is all very well but it's not the easiest way to lose weight.

Diet Menus - To make your weight loss aLOTeasier
Diet Menus - Some suggested menus to help you with your weight loss.

Eating Out - Enjoying it AND staying on your diet.
Eating Out - Enjoying it whilst staying on your diet can easily be achieved if you know how.

Meal Planning - The where and when of Dieting
Effective Meal Planning is an essential part of your Weight Loss Program.

The South Beach Diet - Makes Rapid Weight Loss aLOTeasier
The South Beach Diet is becoming one of the most popular diets for rapid weight loss.

Food Groups - How to exchange diet foods
Food Groups Exchange Lists - How to exchange foods in your Weight Loss Program

Diet Recipes - Healthy Meals for your Weight Loss Program
Diet Recipes - Healthy Meals to help you with your Weight Loss Program

Water - The Essential Ingredient
Water is an essential ingredient to effective and healthy weight loss.

The GI Diet - A wise way to eat Carbohydrates
The GI Diet is aLOTeasier and smarter way to lose weight whilst still eating carbohydrates.

Exercise - An important part of your Weight Loss
Exercise is essential for healthy weight loss and to keep you in shape.

aLOTeasier - Ideas to make life just that
aLOTeasier is growing as more and more ideas are contributed by friends around the world.

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