The where and when of Dieting

Meal Planning is a very important aspect of your weight loss program.

Having mentioned how important patterns and portions are, not only for losing weight but also for maintaining your desired weight, it is crucial you make sure your meal times are taken correctly.

Taking time over your meals is essential.

You need to enjoy and get satisfaction from them.

It takes approximately 20 minutes for your brain to receive a message from your stomach, telling you that it is satisfied. Therefore, if you eat too quickly you will still feel hungry, consume more food and often feel over-full later on.

Also, too much food can stretch your stomach so that it takes more to make it feel satisfied. Here are some ways to help you slow down eating:

1. Chew each mouthful at least 15-20 times.
2. Put your knife and fork down whilst chewing.
(Donít prepare the next mouthful until you have
finished swallowing.)
3. Drink water between mouthfuls.
4. Revive the art of conversation!
5. Listen to some relaxing music.

To gain most satisfaction from your meals you should concentrate mainly on your food. It's best NOT to watch television whilst eating as you will be distracted and not getting the psychological satisfaction food imparts. Use the video if you don't want to miss a programme.

Eating only in one or two places is also very important. You will then begin to associate that place with eating and therefore, help change any unconscious eating behaviours around the house.

Use a smaller plate when dieting so that it looks as full as other people's!

Put leftovers in the bin if they cannot be used for another meal. If your body doesn't need any more food, it is NO more of a waste throwing it away than eating it. Getting my brain around this has really helped me.

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