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Sony Ericsson T610

It's not long before you start considering mobile phone accessories. I have been using the Sony Ericsson T630 which is one of the most popular mobiles available. This is because of its attractive appearance with a large colour TFT screen and built-in camera.

It is very good for games, has numerous ring tones and has voice dialing. Its menu is driven from a central button requiring high intelligence and good eyesight, especially when the sun is out.

Its popularity means that it has a number of optional accessories. For example, numerous items making it possible to avoid the risk of radiation and to keep within the law when driving.

One of the best, and naturally the most expensive at about 140, is the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Car Hands-free HCB-30. This is a five button control panel controlling the phone, which could be in the glove box or your pocket.

Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Plantronics, Xtreme and others supply Bluetooth hands-free headsets at 30-70 which are useful both when walking about and in a car, and fit over one ear.

One of the most novel accessories is a solar charger at about 40, which would be very useful at sea or in the desert!

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