The Management of Dictation Resources

It is most important that there should be a workflow process which everybody understands for producing documents in an organisation. This will avoid senior originators bullying typists, typists acting like prima donnas, junior originators being ignored, some typists being overloaded while others are idle and bored - and other similar problems which are familiar to anyone who has ever worked in an office.

None of these problems will occur if there is an automatic system in place which looks at all aspects of workflow and prioritises accordingly. There are many excellent systems available in the marketplace and I have detailed two which I have found to be particularly good.

Before examining them, it is important to first understand the requirements that relate to different organisations. I have listed the main ones below.

A big advantage of putting a workflow system in an organisation is that it focuses attention on the potential problems which can then be eradicated before it is installed.

Smaller organisation

Configuration - Look at your requirements, organise and tailor accordingly.

Dictation - Originator records digital dictation on a PC, PDA, handheld recorder or Smartphone

Transfer - Sends your digital dictation to appropriate typist.

Transcription - By keyboard or automatic transcription using voice recognition software.

Transfer back to originator - For checking and signature.

Reporting - For performance monitoring.

Lexacom Talk & Type Lexacom Talk and Type provides a complete, end-to-end dictation management package for computer networks.

Larger organisation

Job routing - System Administrator sets up rules for routing different types of work to specific typists(workflow). He will take into account expected turnaround, department, typist groups, author/typist access levels and security.

Dictation - Originator records digital dictation on a PC, PDA, handheld recorder or Smartphone. Sends digital dictation to reviewer.

Pre-typing review - Reviewer checks job has been routed correctly.

Voice recognition queue/Typist queue - Job sent back to Reviewer.

Transfer back to originator - For checking and signature

Reporting and system monitoring - Measures performance and overall productivity. Ensures resources are matched to requirements.

Winscribe Workflow

WinScribe is a world leader in digital dictation systems, offering greater control and management of information, documentation and communication.

Workflow Diagram
More information about workflow and related products and services can be obtained from Pyxis Computer Services.

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