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FREE telephone calls

Have you tried SKYPE (rhymes with tripe) yet?

Are you interested in phoning people in your own country or around the world for nothing?

When you are on the Internet you can make free calls by voice with another user providing that you have both downloaded a clever piece of software from Skype (free of charge).

You need to be running Windows 2000 or XP (or Mac OS X, LINUX or Pocket PC) and you need a sound card, speakers and microphone. Or alternatively, you could use a USB phone. Skype works on broadband or dial-up.

If your computer is not up to scratch for this then the benefit of SKYPE is probably the reason you were looking for to upgrade your system.

The calls have excellent sound quality and are encrypted so they are very secure.

Skype is very easy to setup and use. When someone calls you their details will appear on the screen and you will also get a ringing tone. You can look at your contacts to see which ones are online at any time. Of course, they could be anywhere in the World.

Skype lets you make free calls over the Internet. It’s free to download and you can add on voicemail for a weenie fee.

Should you wish to make calls to any phones including mobiles there is low-cost way of making calls using SkypeOut. You can start an account online using any credit card. Local, trunk and international calls to the most popular 20 countries (listed in the SkypeOut Global Rate) all cost 2 US cents, 1.7 Eurocents, or 1.1 pence per minute.

Using a microphone with feedback through your speakers is far better than using a telephone. It is as though you are having a face-to-face conversation. This technology is called VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and is likely to become very popular indeed. Even now, at any time there are likely to be well over 3 million users online worldwide. I suggest you look at the Skype website as soon as possible.

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