Thoughts Recorded Easily

There is no doubt that dictation enables you to record your thoughts more quickly than you can type them - even if you are proficient with a keyboard.

Todays technology makes this process aLOTeasier.

Producing an important letter, compiling a complex report, writing a book or composing a song. All require your thought and attention to words and these are often inhibited by the acts of typing or writing.

Dictation frees you to do what you do best.

There are many methods available to you, ranging from hand held machines through Personal Computer recorders to speech recognition systems. Within each category, there are numerous products available from different manufacturers.

It doesn't end there. There are even products available which can help you translate your text into foreign languages or have it read out to you if necessary.

The combined experience of users of all these methods and products is covered in the following guidelines. They will make it aLOTeasier for you to choose the best way forward in meeting your dictation needs :-

Skype - Telephone Calls are a LOT cheaper.
Skype - Telephone calls and Services are a LOT cheaper and a LOT easier.

Voice Recorders - Made aLOTeasier by the Digital Age
Handheld voice recorders, the most popular type of dictation equipment and often called Dictaphones, are numerous. Selecting the right one requires informed guidance.

Transcription - Now made aLOTeasier by digital technology
The traditional and painstaking task of transcription is now made aLOTeasier by modern digital dictation products and services.

Translation - Now aLOTeasier than using a dictionary
For many people, translation into another language used to require a dictionary or the cost of an interpreter. For the computer user, translation is now as easy as clicking a button.

Desktop Microphones - Up to date and aLOTeasier for the Modern User
Desktop microphones are rapidly replacing headsets and other types as the preferred device for hands-free dictation.

Handheld Microphones - For those who prefer to hold on to something
Handheld microphones are still preferred by many who are used to dictation machines.

Voice Recognition - The quickest and aLOTeasier way to transcribe your dictation
Quick and accurate transcription of your dictation is essential. Voice Recognition is becoming the preferred method.

Headset Microphones - The only option in a Noisy Environment
Headset microphones have their drawbacks but are still the most accurate for dictation and are the only practical answer in a noisy environment.

Workflow - Managing dictation throughout an Organisation
The management of dictation workflow in an organisation is required to make effective use of resources.

Mobile Phones - Now they can make Dictation aLOTeasier
Mobile Phones are now capable of handling your Dictation as well as many other modern requirements.

Mobile Phone Accessories - Ways to make your phone even better
Mobile Phone Accessories - Some ways to make it even better and stay safe and within the law.

3G Phones
3G Phones - Major benefits just around the corner

Writing - Ideas to help you get your thoughts across and the response you want.
Whether you are writing with a pen, keyboard or dictation machine, you need skill to achieve results.

aLOTeasier - Ideas to make life just that
aLOTeasier is growing as more and more ideas are contributed by friends around the world.

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Reviews - Users' experience and recommendations
Before buying any product, it is always a good idea to benefit from the experiences and reviews from other users.